Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Idea

A big thanks to the New Idea for publishing Cody's Story. It has brought about a large interest in this blog and has increased the donations at the Westpac Bank.

Cody has had a very quiet week...............which is actually GREAT news!!!! No flying trips to the hospital, no dramas.......... just Cody being his normal self. Right back to his wacky sense of humour even :0)

A fundraising idea has been born from the Nelson Half Marathon held here in May. I have given out sponsorship forms to approx 40 people competing in it and have also got the Athletics club behind it too. They have the forms on their website for anyone to down load. The idea is that each competitor asks at least 10 people to sponsor them at $1 per km. Meaning the most anyone person would pay out is $21 or more if they wish to just donate. If I can get 100 people to do this and get at least $210 from each form....................well you get the picture. So to all in Nelson..................get behind anyone you know competing in this event and listen out for the advertising on the radio and in the paper.

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