Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nayland College Rocks it out....

Fundraising rocks at Nayland College Tom Hunt

Philanthrophy rocks. Nayland College students raised a record sum for a school mufti day yesterday as they collected $1082.80 for a good cause, dressed as rock stars.
The theme and cause came from former student Cody Walsh, 17, who has an extremely rare stomach condition that is likely to kill him if he does not receive a bowel and liver transplant with a $1 million pricetag.
Cody, who spent a couple of days in Nelson Hospital this week with further complications, chose the "rock star" theme for the mufti day and the students responded.
Glitter, ripped jeans, hairspray and lots of makeup strode the school's hallways and classrooms as teachers and students opened their wallets en-masse. One student, dressed as Elvis Presley, donated $20 and notes filled the donation tins, the total beating a mufti day earlier in the year that raised $600 for the school's World Vision-sponsored child.
Nayland College social and fundraising committee chairman Andrew Linde said the cause was chosen because many of the students not only knew Cody and had heard of his plight, but were also aware of an incident late last year when donation tins for his transplant were stolen and never recovered.
It is just one of the fundraising drives from a community that has gotten behind Cody's cause.
Family friend Nyle Sunderland, who has been spearheading the fundraising effort, said donations had so far reached about $14,000 and there were still ways people could lend support.
One artist shabbychik was auctioning a string of art pieces for Cody on TradeMe, while another woman maryme was auctioning off a collectable Jesus Christ-themed plate.
But the fundraiser that Ms Sunderland hoped would push the appeal total further was a plan to get entrants in the Nelson Shoe Clinic Half Marathon to download a form from and get sponsored for the run, with money raised going towards Cody's operation.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Auction for Cody Walsh & Update

There are now two auctions running for Cody on Trade me.

Please stop by and place a bid.écor/Ornaments/Religious/auction-150048682.htm

Update on Cody

We have now found what is causing Cody so much pain. His bowel has become immobile. Meaning it is no longer working as a bowel should. Waste is not being moved through and is just compacting which is causing him huge pain. They are unable to operate at present and are not keen to do so. The surgical team here are a little stumped at to what to do next for him. So we are holding out for our visit to Auckland. The Auckland team are the top guns and we hope they will know what to do or to offer. For now it is pain relief at home or if pain too much for that, stay in over night for intravenous pain relief. Neither are great options but its all we have.

Cody is optimistic about it all and is still a fighter. With all he has to face daily it amazes me that he can still crack a smile and joke.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A date has been set.....

April 27th @ 2pm is our official time to be at the Auckland hospital.

The reason it has taken so long to get us up there is due to the top TPN specialist being on leave and they want 3 surgical teams to check in on Cody and over view his care and health.

We are hoping for more positive news and some extra care tips etc....

Cody had a CT scan on Monday-his pain has intensified in the last few weeks and no one can answer why. The hospital was so clever in helping with Cody's pain relief that they gave him oral panadine................he has no bowel and cant digest it?????? why would they bother? We get really tired with this sort of nonsense that just keeps happening.

Finally he is taken to his own GP who prescribes a low dose morphine...............and at long last Cody is PAIN free!!!!! but wait there's more......................................Cody's surgeon hears about this and bans all doctors and ward staff from giving it to him. There is no other pain relief for him so its back to crippling pain and vomiting each morning and night.

Cant wait to get him to Auckland and get this resolved. There must be a way to help him be pain free with out the risk of addiction and liver damage??????

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cody going to Auckland

I have had a odd feeling at the pit of my stomach for a couple of months now re: Cody's care at Nelson Hospital but not knowing my rights, I didn't know what to do about it. I felt that by going to another surgeon in the same hospital would be stepping on toes and off side the surgeon we had. I am not a medical person at all, I get all mine for good old mother nature and natural instincts that most mothers develop. But most of all I owe two mothers who are fighting the same fight we are. Jodee in the states and Anita in Auckland. With out their knowledge and fight, I almost would have just gone with the flow.

Thanks to them I learnt that Cody had rights. He had the RIGHT to a second opinion. So on Monday Natalie emailed everyone on the surgical team and told them to arrange a second opinion and we wanted Auckland. By Tuesday we had not had any responses, so I rang the social worker and worked on my shout and roar tactic. It worked, she tracked down our surgeon (who was on his day off) and passed on my roar. He promptly came back to work and completed all the paper work for a referral to Auckland hospital were they are fully specialised in the kind of care Cody needs.

We have been told that we could be flying off to Auckland by end of this week or beginning of next. I am going up with Natalie and Cody as Trevor is unable to get time off work and no one wants them going up there on their own. We are just waiting on Auckland Hospital to clear a single room for Cody and we could be up there for a few days. I am hoping it is the sooner option as I must be back in Nelson by Friday morning at the latest as I have a judged event that I must race in CHCH that weekend.

I will keep you all posted.

The auction being run for Cody has finished with the whole proceeds being donated to Cody's' Transplant Fund. Thanks with all my heart to those who were bidding.........for those whose bid didn't win.............there could be another auction some time soon. Will keep you posted on that one too.