Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to keep a teenage mind active???

Cody is now well enough to be able to go home for a few hours during the day. They are doing this to try and spark his mind and lift the dark cloud he has hovering over his head. He dislikes hospitals (even more now than ever) and so if he is in the ward for more than a few days he starts to sink into a depression. He has been in over a week now and with possibly another week to come. He has been the sickest he has ever been this time round and so with all of that, Cody has gone down hill - mentally. We are all concerned for his state of mind.

So I ask you.....What can you do to lift the spirits of a 17 year old boy???? I have some ideas and will try to make them happen.

1 - a helicopter ride around Nelson
2 - some time out on a boat going fishing
3 - shooting clay targets or even a row of cans off a fence
4 - a ride in a flash sports car (like a ferrari)
5 - 4wd motor bikes or the skywire

Its hard to think of things that he can actually do. Some of the things that he loves, he cant do. He loves playing Paintball with his mates and playing soccer. But for obvious reasons he cant do those.

It will be Cody's birthday FEB 7th, Please leave birthday wishes for him. We cant let his 17th go past with out making a big deal out of it.


tara34 said...

I can contact someone who may be able to make some of these things happen...

mullet said...

fuck man whn did this shit start happening??? u were neva like this at skewl?? we used ta give shit to the nerds of just fuking every1 well have a gud 17 catch up

keeks said...

happy b-day for the 7th buddy,ur like a bruda to me and im trying to help u out as much as i can xo love u long time lol honest
love shakara

tara34 said...

I must say I am disappointed not to hear from the person I contacted unless the email didn't get through(which is possible) and perhaps good things take time so unless they have contacted you guys privately I will try again next week and hope something comes of it for the C-man.

natalie codys mum said...

thanks tara34 - good things do take time as i have found - its great to know people are batting for us