Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cody's Hickman Line

On Thursday, Cody goes back into hospital. This time for general surgery to remove his old split hickman line. This is normally done under local but when they inserted the new line they discovered that Codys old hickman line has grown into his body and now needs to be surgically removed.

This is not the best news for us as we really dont want Cody to have any surgery he really doesnt need to have.

With the last hickman being inserted into a new vein it was a little distressing for us to be told that he has used 3 of his 6 available veins. He must have 2 good veins left for transplant.

We have a meeting in two weeks with the surgical team and will be asking them to clarify what this means for us and Cody.

Cody's story has been published in New Idea. The feed back has been wonderful and very supportive. I just hope that NZ gets behind us and helps us to raise the funds and awearness.


Trevor said...

Really sick of not been told anything.... :(

Anonymous said...

sorry trev god i thought id kept you up to date - its been a mixed up few days with trying to keep codys spirits up - its hitting him with what he's facing so needs lots extra from me -

natalie said...

natalie made the above comment can't suss out this google thing have registered but dosn't work for me - duh

Butterfly said...

Great work.