Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cody admitted to Ward 10

Today a feature article was printed in the Nelson Mail. Cody was really pleased how it was presented and that it was factual and hard to read at times. Cody has had two great weeks of well health and we are so very thankful for that.

Sadly...............Cody's temp spiked this afternoon and after having a great run of well health has been admitted to hospital. Please keep your fingers crossed and pray its NOT a line infection.

Cody can not afford to loose another vein. It is something we are all not ready to face yet. Please send prayers of support and hope or just keep your fingers and toes crossed that he will recover quickly and he will be back home before we know it.

this is the photo that goes with the article.....(I will paste it on here as soon as The Nelson Mail will email it to me)

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natalie codys mum said...

Cody may have something viral as he has a productive cough am praying that its the flu rather than a dreaded line infection as cody doesn't have much to fight with bodywise - he has plenty of spirit and is a fighter so praying that this will be something he can handle- thanks for the ongoing support guys