Wednesday, March 12, 2008

up date on Cody

Infection lands Cody back in hospital
Nelson Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A rare complication-free period has come to an end for seriously ill Nelson teenager Cody Walsh, who has been hospitalised for another week.
Cody, 16, has a rare and potentially fatal condition where the bowel sits incorrectly in the body and in September last year he had an emergency operation to remove most of his upper and lower intestine.
Now he is largely fed a glucose solution directly into his bloodstream via a device known as a Hickman line.
His only chance of eating normally again is an upper intestine and liver transplant in Toronto, Canada, at a cost exceeding $1 million.
Infections have meant he has come close to death a number of times.
He was the subject of a feature article in Saturday's Nelson Mail.
He had not had any major complications for more than three weeks - the longest period since he was diagnosed in September.
However, family friend Nyle Sunderland said Cody was rushed to Nelson Hospital on Saturday with a high temperature.
Tests showed he had a blood infection which had got into his feeding line.
There were fears the infection would mean moving the feeding tube to another artery, which would jeopardise an eventual transplant, but the infection was not bad enough to warrant that. Cody was expected to be in hospital for the rest of the week .
A blog - - has been set up to help raise funds and awareness of Cody's plight.
Donations can also be made to the Cody Walsh Transplant Fund at any Westpac branch or in collection tins at bars and cafes in Nelson.


Aunty A said...

Cody we are thinking about you. Nats hang in there girl. Love sis & Leon

clarejones said...

Hi Cody,
My friend and I were very touched by strength and bravery and decided we wanted to help. We are organising a charity dinner dance on June 21st at the Playhouse to raise money for 2 local charities and we both agreed that we wanted one of them to be your transplant fund. We do hope your infection is under control and that you are in good spirits.

nyle updating for cody said...

Thanks to Clare Jones. We are so thankful for you to think of us for this event. Please contact me and I will help out on the night too if you would like.

goofy_steph said...

hey cody,
i heard about you, and decided i wanted to help. im saving up as much as i can to give to you, i hope it helps you get your 1m that you need. i think you're really strong and brave, and i wish you the best for your operation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cody have read your story and things can only get better for you. I sometimes work at Auckland Hosp so maybe I will see you there. I wish you the very best of luck. My thoughts are with you and your family. Im off to look at those trademe sites now. Love Nana D.