Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tech for Cody

A quick update.....

Cody applied to be excepted to the NMIT for a Chef Course. He found out last week that he has been excepted and starts this Monday. It goes for the year and will gain him qualifications to help with his dream of being a Chef. Who day he may yet own his own restaurant.

He has also been having driving lessons and hopes to be mobile by June when he can sit his restricted.

It is a pleasure and a joy to see this young man develop and grow and achieve what we were all told would be impossible.

2 years on and he is alive, eating and getting back to his normal way of life. All of which we were told would never happen.

I will up date here as he progress's through his course.


Anonymous said...

40 years ago my sistaer was diagnosed with this condition when she was 5 years old. Intermittently she would not be able and several times nearlty died through lack of nourishment
They operated on her and sewed the flopping intestines to secure them. Her bowel etc is on the wrong side and in the wrong place in her body.
She has been symptom free ever since.

Nyle said...

To Anonymous, that is awesome news for your sister. Cody has had his complete bowel removed...leaving 2 inch of small bowel and 3 inchs of large bowel. They joined the two so that he could eat small amounts of food by he must get his nutrition from TPN....that will be his life.

Andrea said...

Good on you Cody. I wish you well for the course. Keep looking forward and it will happen. Hey, when you are successful you too can be like Ramsey! Ha!
Aunty A xx (I know how much you like having a hug)

seth said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I was diagnosed with malrotation at age 17, and it's been eight years since then.

I'm told that this will eventually result in volvuvlus, like what Mr. Walsh went through in 2007.

This condition is only diagnosed in 5.3 people per million after age 1. Source:

The only treatment available is the same one that's been in use since 1936.. Not very modern. It's said that if I undergo this operation prior to volvuvlus, that I can avoid losing any of the small bowel in the process.

Nyle said...

Well this is embarrassing, it has been so long since I have needed to log in and update this site that I have forgotten the password. I am sorry there wont be anymore updates, but I can tell you that Cody is doing ok, he is suffering pain most days but this is a common thing for what he is going through. Thank you for following this blog and for all your well wishes and thoughts.