Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Year has passed.....

So as told .. Cody had his hicman line removed....the reason for his is to keep his last veins clear and capable to be used when transplant becomes necessary. Which now means that he has to use his fistula as that is the only way he can feed with his TPN now. This also means that if he can master his fistula it will put off the need for transplant for at least 5 possibly 10 years. That is great news as the transplant is not an option we want to head for until we have too.

The specialists in Auckland are amazed at Cody with the fact he can eat so much. He was told that he should only be able to taste food...meaning small mouth fulls, but Cody has been able to eat full meals. So far he is not gaining any nourishment, but with Cody so far deifying everything that the Doctors have said he cant do...............who knows what the future can hold for him.

The best news is that Cody sat his learners licence and passed now he can start driving and getting a little more independent.

Christmas came and went, and we all reflected on the fact that it is nothing short of a miracle that he is still here and do so well. Cody was told he would most likely not make a year...............and here he is ... TWO years on.

Now to see that he is still here in TEN years time.

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Andrea said...

That is good news for you Cod - watch out for kerbs and pedestrian crossings though - they can creep up on you. Keep on defying the naysayers and keep suprising the medical experts. Aunty xx