Thursday, July 17, 2008

Codys Operation was a success.

Cody was prep and ready for surgery on Monday. They wheeled him off to theatre and sedated him....only to postpone op as there was a huge crash and three helicopters were bringing in the injured. So poor cody was put back in the ward and woken to be told he had not had the operation.

Two days later they wheeled him off and this time he stayed down and they completed the operation. He has been in a lot of pain since this operation and needing morphine for some time for his arm pain. The fiscula facinates cody....I am told it vibrates so he keeps playing with it. lol

The decision was made to leave Cody's hicman line in place as it is working and they dont want to risk damaging the vein. So with Cody doing so well, they boarded a plane and flew for home today. Not with out drama's, due to sickness on board the flight was diverted to CHCH and they had to do a mad dash to catch the plane to Nelson.

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