Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back to Auckland

The Auckland team have called and finally both Cody and Natalie head back to Auckland this week.

Both are excited and apprehensive about this trip. It brings about the time for a decision to be made about what is the best option for Cody.

Do we take the risk and remove the blocked hicman line and replace it with a new one or do we go a head with the Fiscula operation on his arm.

Both have positives and negatives.

1) Codys blood is reacting to all the meds he must take and so clots faster than it should. This is why his hicman has been getting blocked. Its his own body fighting the line in his vein and there is not much to be done about this.

2) The fiscula does have less chance for infection....but its a new operation for TPN feeding and its in his right arm.....Cody is right handed so he wont be able to connect to it on his own.

This time while they are away there will be a full time house - there will be NO chance of a re-occurrence of the last trip.

Please stop in and wish them both the best as it is stressful being so far away from family and friends in a strange city and with little support.

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Andrea said...

Good luck for your trip guys. Andrea xxx