Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nayland College Rocks it out....

Fundraising rocks at Nayland College Tom Hunt

Philanthrophy rocks. Nayland College students raised a record sum for a school mufti day yesterday as they collected $1082.80 for a good cause, dressed as rock stars.
The theme and cause came from former student Cody Walsh, 17, who has an extremely rare stomach condition that is likely to kill him if he does not receive a bowel and liver transplant with a $1 million pricetag.
Cody, who spent a couple of days in Nelson Hospital this week with further complications, chose the "rock star" theme for the mufti day and the students responded.
Glitter, ripped jeans, hairspray and lots of makeup strode the school's hallways and classrooms as teachers and students opened their wallets en-masse. One student, dressed as Elvis Presley, donated $20 and notes filled the donation tins, the total beating a mufti day earlier in the year that raised $600 for the school's World Vision-sponsored child.
Nayland College social and fundraising committee chairman Andrew Linde said the cause was chosen because many of the students not only knew Cody and had heard of his plight, but were also aware of an incident late last year when donation tins for his transplant were stolen and never recovered.
It is just one of the fundraising drives from a community that has gotten behind Cody's cause.
Family friend Nyle Sunderland, who has been spearheading the fundraising effort, said donations had so far reached about $14,000 and there were still ways people could lend support.
One artist shabbychik was auctioning a string of art pieces for Cody on TradeMe, while another woman maryme was auctioning off a collectable Jesus Christ-themed plate.
But the fundraiser that Ms Sunderland hoped would push the appeal total further was a plan to get entrants in the Nelson Shoe Clinic Half Marathon to download a form from and get sponsored for the run, with money raised going towards Cody's operation.

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Sarah Daly said...

Hi Cody, Natalie & Nyle,

Just to let you know we continue to pray for you as a church. We see the evidence of a miraculous God all the time, many people in our church have been healed of impossible situations by Jesus & His power & by the power of prayer.

If we dare to believe He can do the impossible! Thats what we pray for, for you Cody that the God we love & serve would totally heal you, & He is well able.

Just regarding AKld, if theres anything you need up there we can accsess alot of support for you from Destiny Akld, even if its some guys coming up to the hospital for a visit, or accomodation, anything please let us know. Also if theres anything we can help you with here in Nelson on a practical level we would love to be of assistance to you.

We hope to run another fundraising event for Healing Hands a bit later on in the year, with this we hope to have more to contribute to the your fund.

We will continue to pray for you & may the Holy Spirit comfort & strengthen you in the midst of your battle, we would love to hear from you if you need us x

Lots of love
from Ps Sarah Daly
Destiny Church Nelson
03 548 6555