Friday, April 18, 2008

Auction for Cody Walsh & Update

There are now two auctions running for Cody on Trade me.

Please stop by and place a bid.écor/Ornaments/Religious/auction-150048682.htm

Update on Cody

We have now found what is causing Cody so much pain. His bowel has become immobile. Meaning it is no longer working as a bowel should. Waste is not being moved through and is just compacting which is causing him huge pain. They are unable to operate at present and are not keen to do so. The surgical team here are a little stumped at to what to do next for him. So we are holding out for our visit to Auckland. The Auckland team are the top guns and we hope they will know what to do or to offer. For now it is pain relief at home or if pain too much for that, stay in over night for intravenous pain relief. Neither are great options but its all we have.

Cody is optimistic about it all and is still a fighter. With all he has to face daily it amazes me that he can still crack a smile and joke.


Mad Aunty said...

Cod, you are such a crack up and I love your free spirit. You are a lesson to us old crusties out there who,sometimes, think their lifes are dreary and boring. What you have to deal with is enough to open my eyes up and count my blessings. Isn't the main thing in life to be able to have the quality and to not worry so much about the material wants we all seem to go after?? Hey, not saying that is a bad thing - its more the attitude around that eh?
Okay, that is enough ranting - I will harass you another time - remember the monkey squeal???
Good luck for Auckland - more power to the Aliens..Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cody, I was shown a link to your story on tm. We are very moved by your bravery through all this pain and will be following your progress. And would like to suggest to others that if they are unable to donate financially perhaps they could donate the time of lobbying the government with a letter regarding assistance for you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you xxx Fluffykiwi & family