Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Meeting Of The Medical Team

The meeting went really well. We cleared up some confusion caused by the good ol’ miscommunication bug that seems to hit more regularly than needed.

Cody will be given a low fat diet and will be able to eat small amounts in about a week. The amazing part about this is that we had thought it would have blended or mashed. But no, Cody can munch away on anything that is on the list from his dietitian. Already his bowel has started to function as it is processing the small amount that he has eaten in experimentation. It was thought that it would pass with in 20 mins of eating but Cody held it for 4 hours, which is just fantastic.

The surgeon explained to us that the operation just done has given Cody approx 5 years. By being able to eat it means that best case scenario, Cody only has to hook up to TPN 4 nights a week not 7 which will slow down the damage to his liver. So instead of looking at the need for a bowel and liver transplant within a year, we now have some time….approx 5 but it is still guess work. I think we had all hoped for that small miracle. The one where his bowel does miraculous things and works normally and that he wont need the transplant ever. But, now we know transplant is inevitable.

Cody still has to inject himself many times each day and so under the advise of another mum whose child is currently awaiting transplant. I suggested they insert a butterfly so it would spare his poor legs from looking like pincushions. The team thought that was a great idea and were going to fit him with one after the meeting. (So a big thanks for that one Jodee)

The best news of all (for us) is that Toronto are now also checking in on Cody too, so he in effect has two heath teams watching over him.

For Cody though, the best news was that he could go home for 48 hours. He has to return Monday for another check up and will be fully discharged on Tuesday. Cody hates being in hospital; it really gets him down so we try to get him home as soon as possible. He gets immediate care at home and remains much happier. Which is a win/win really.


tara34 said...

That's great news! Must be nice to have some good news and positive progress.

Che'z Craig said...

Heya Codestar!!! Go YOU!!! That is such fabulous news and 5 years is such a blessing. With all my fingers, toes, eyes etc crossed - I look pretty funny, but just wanted to say that the extra time allowed by this operation means plenty of time for the Cody Walsh Supreme Team to work their magic and raise the funds to get you what you need. More power to ya and enjoy that food!! Luv & hugz, Che'z