Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cody's surgery

Cody had a scheduled operation today. They joined the small and large bowel together. They are hoping that the large bowel will eventually function as the small bowel would and absorb nutrients. It now means that once cody has healed he will be able to eat approx 1000 calories a day. Cody really misses subway.......meat ball subways to be exact. I did offer to buy one and blend it for him.......but he feels that a sub must be eaten raw NOT through a straw.

Cody has recovered well after a 4 hour operation. While the surgeon was operating it was decided to remove his gall bladder as well. This is normal and is usually the first organ to go, so better to remove it now rather than wait for it to pack up and then operate again.
Here is a photo taken of cody as he was wheeled from recovery to the ward.


Tara34 said...

Best wishes on a speedy recovery Cody!

Glennis said...

Hopefully you will feel a lot better shortly, and be able to eat a little again.

che'z craig said...

Hi Cody - thinking of you today, hope that you arent in too much pain and that you have lots of friendly faces over the weekend. Keep up that positive attitude and take strength from all those around you, near and far, who are keeping everything crossed that it will all be smooth rides from here on in. Big (gentle) hugz Babe, Love Che'z and Sophie XXXXX

jlg17 said...

hi name is jay ginese

my son joseph had the same thing at 4 years old..lost all of his intestine and some of his large..he was on tpn and could not eat anything for 2 years..he has since had a small bowel transplant at georgtown university..i would love to share what i went through as a parent and to let cody know that there is hope..joseph is now in school eating everything and it has been 4 years since his its tough and a long road but i would say hang in there.and if you need to talk to another boy who knwos what you are going through cody joseph is it..he is now 9 years old and loves xbox360 live.maybe one day you can call us..i hope you get the transplant..i would tell you its importna t to go to the right hospital..i have been to pittsburg and georgetown and georgetown is the best..if you or your parents need to talk about anything..feel free to call wife took care of tpn for 2 years and was a expert in taking care of joseph's line.1 infection in 2 years..i am avery involved parent ..i know a lot and would just like to say that you will get better.feel free to call me at 845 896 4646..anytime..and i mean anytime.the road is long but you will get will..i have seen can read about my son online a google search using my name joseph will read about joseph..also feel free to email me at luck..

barker_h2003 said...

Hello. I am looking for Jay Ginese, the father of the 4 year old small bowel recipient in 2003. It was my daughter's organ he recieved, and I have been trying to find them. If you know how to contact them, please pass this along. my email is