Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cody rushed to hospital

On Saturday night, just gone, Cody called himself an ambulance as he was having a racing heart and could tell his heart was not beating as it should do. Natalie was out babysitting for a friend and unable to get home to him, so the ambulance was the safest option. They admitted him at once and took bloods as his temp was also up. Turns out he was dangerously low in potassium again causing his heart to beat erratically plus he was also in the very early stages of an infection....his first since FEB!! so a few nights in hospital and getting the right meds and he is home again....but a very somber Cody is home. This one gave him a real scare and now he is more determined to work with everyone and live.

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Aunty A said...

Sorry to hear you had a scary episode again Cod. You deserve some good luck in your life - I hope you are on even ground again. Thinking of you - all the best.