Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for some good news....

Over the weekend everyone helped Cody and Natalie move into a new house - in a much nicer area, one that is warm and quiet and not too far from the hospital. This house already feels like a home. Since they have moved Cody has slept better and has much more energy. He is warmer and feels great.

The new mix of TPN is giving him a much higher calorie intake and already he is gaining some weight.

With the horrid event of the burglary behind them, they now look forward to a brighter and happier future. One of hope and dreams. Cody aspires to be a chef and I truly believe that he will get there as he has proven beyond doubt that he has great courage and stamina.

With mention of the burglary I would like to take this moment to quietly thank a member of the nelson public for their generosity and kindness and how that they turned a horrid event into something so very heart warming. We all cant thank you enough.

There are still hurdles to cross and some obsticles that will be put in their path but I know that they now have the strength to face anything - how can they not with so much support from you all.

Cody went out to a birthday party over the weekend .... and was the centre of attention - as per photo


KriSSie_BaBy said...

Hiya Cody ! ... My name is Krissie from TM, pleased to meet ya ! Passing through and thought I'd leave a message ... I hope you're feeling better these days and I have a TM deposit to make at Westpac tomorrow and I promise to make a donation for you as well. Hang in there Bud and I hope the month of May keeps you warm and fuzzy ! ... REGARDS Krissie XOX

Glennis said...

So glad life is finally looking good for you, relax and enjoy your lovely new home with all the new good things to help pass the time while your not at your best. Get your strenghth back and I am sure you will be on your way to living some of your dreams.
All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

hey cody.we are thinking of you down here in oamaru and are following your kaha. From the nurses at oamaru hospital